Hampshire Street

Trust me. I’m an estate agent.

Now don’t pull that face! It could be you’ve got us all wrong – or perhaps you’ve just never met Prado.

We’re people who understand how lifestyle is a huge part of being happy humans. Your home, what you put in it, who shares it with you, who’s living next door, what’s happening down the road and round the corner. This is lifestyle and it’s important.

Buying or selling your home is a big, big deal. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just plan it all out with a trusted friend who knows the property business inside out and wants the very best for you?

You put the kettle on. We’ll bring the cake.

Prado staff

Joanna says:

After 20 years with Philip I’ve sort of absorbed estate agency like a cake absorbs lemon drizzle. The best thing about Philip is that he’s not at all like an estate agent. There’s nothing brash or salesy about him. He really loves his job, but he’s not the type to brag so I’ll give you five reasons why he’s so good at it.

  1. He listens - really listens - to your concerns, to your ideas and to your dream home wish list. He understands every client is unique.

  2. After 25 years in property, he has excellent judgement on pricing. He won’t try to hook you with an unrealistic valuation – but will often delight you with the sale value he goes on to achieve.

  3. He will go out his way to make sure you’re really happy, it’s paramount to his whole work ethic and the service he’s providing you with. Unquestionably.

  4. He keeps tabs on the whole conveyancing process to help you iron out any issues.

  5. He’s accessible. He takes his work home with him. I’ve learned there’s no point in trying to stop him – clocking off is just not his style!

Philip says:

Who’d be an estate agent’s wife? Especially an estate agent like me; out all hours, taking calls day and night. Since 2011 when we launched PRADO I can’t decide whether Joanna has just given in or simply become an estate agent herself, without noticing. I think it’s the latter. She gets it. We talk houses a lot and it never gets old and she’s the one who prepares top end sales particulars with really beautiful photos.

We’re always out and about in Alresford with our daughters and frequently bump into people we’ve ‘moved’. It’s great to hear about their renovations or how much they love the area.

Joanna is calm, practical. She has both a warm heart and a cool head when we’re handling a complex chain of movers and things start to get emotional. We’ve been through all this ourselves of course (it’s no easier when you’re in the business, let me tell you!) and we understand how stressful it can be.

We treat every new client as if they’re our friends. And often, at the end of the process, they are.

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